Friday, May 1, 2009

Make up pretend photos because I'm slack

Yes, I have not gotten to see my adorable outfits. I am bad, and am so sorry. But it's not allllll my fault. You see, I cannot find my camera, and therefore my lovely pictures are lost on a memory card that I do not have access to at the moment. But, to make up for it (just a teensy bit) I have recreated some of my outfits so you can see them....I would like to thank Milly at Shoes, Bags, Clothes...Oh My! for this awesome idea! I promise I won't jack your style on a daily basis, but this is the only way to show my outfits without my time machine, which is still in the repair shop :)

First up, April 20, 2009--a.k.a. my Birthday!!

In real life, my pants are an awesome chocolate brown and shoes are a patent leather ombre-type brown....but you get the idea....

April 21

More to come....stay tuned!

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Milly said...

My camera was acting up for a looong time, which is why i used Polyvore to keep me on track, and eventhough my camera came back form the dead lol...i still use it