Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, Old issues...

I am such a slacker when it comes to my blog. I wish this could be my full-time job, but knowing me, things like shopping or TV would then be the reason why my posts were lagging. At any rate, I decided to blog a bit today and found that an awesome blogger read my little old blog!! I am tickled pink! Thanks so much for the encouragement Shane!!

Well, it's 2009. another year has come and gone, and the old issues from last year are still lingering. Many people make resolutions and manage to stick to them. I, however, am not one of those people. Every year I resolve to do this or that, and every year, I fail miserably and end up disappointed. This year, I resolved to not resolve. Counterintuitve perhaps, but my plan nonetheless. I love Mountain Dew, and despite my desire to be healthier, I know I will not completely give it up. So no resolutions of no soda for me. Instead, I am choosing to make lifestyle changes. People say new year, new you and this year I am "trying" to do these things:

  • Exercise more--my mother and I both need to lose weight. My mom is diabetic and her weight is seriously becoming a matter of life or death. In April, one week before my daughter was born, I rushed my mom to the hospital in the middle of the night, where she had emergency heart surgery. My daughter has become my mom's push to do better. I don't want to go through the same things my mom and her mom went through, and so I know to avoid it, I have to do better. Together, we have purchased a treadmill, and now there is no excuse for not walking....there's no rain, no too cold or too hot, no dogs to worry about and we don't even have to get dressed. No need to bundle up the baby and no worry of not being able to get back to the house once we've started walking. I need to lose weight not because I want to be skinny or look like women on TV, but because I want my daughter to grow up with me here, and my mom wants the same.

  • Be more positive--I read an article on MSN a while back written by Michelle DeAngelis, author of Get a Life That Doesn't Suck. It's very rare that I read something that makes me want to go out and buy a book, especially a self-help book. Well, let me tell you this is AMAZING. The main point Michelle drives home is that YOU are responsible for your own happiness. Sounds simple right? Kind of like "duh, everyone knows that." Well, everyone knows it, but the way Michelle puts it out there sort of smacks you in the back of the head and makes you say, "Geez, she's so right....I should really...(fill in your personal issue here)" So this year, and forevermore, I will strive to take control of my life, my feelings and my happiness. Everyone makes choices in life, and no matter what they might be we should all do like The Robinsons and "keep moving forward."

  • Keep family first--so much has happened to me in the past year that has made me truly appreciate my family. Yes, they get on my nerves, as I'm sure I do with them, but they are mine. Good and bad, win or lose, they are there. Family isn't always just the people you are related to by blood, they can also be those who are tied to you by circumstance or experience.....regardless, they are family. Jobs, while important, won't nurse you when you are ill, comfort you when you are sad, or hold your hand and grieve with you when dealing with loss, but family will. The money you earned while working won't make up for the fact that you didn't see your child's first game/recital/play or erase the hurt in their heart when they look into the audience and can't find you.

There's a whole host of other things I'll try to do...and while I may fail, the important thing is that I try, and keep trying.....

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