Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today is my birthday! Yippee! I love my birthday, and celebrate it for one week before, and one week after. My mother thinks it's insane, but hey, you gotta find happiness somewhere right?

All through college, I was greeted with "Happy 4-20." Yeah, great, go smoke weed on the mall, but dammit, it's my birthday and I want to hear "Happy Birthday." My friends now know better than to not say Happy Birthday....

I once had a boss (we'll call her Nancy) who told me a girl should always buy herself a little something pretty for her birthday. And in true diva fashion, when my daughter was born, Nancy brought her an adorable little outfit, and shared the same wisdom with her.

As I've grown, (and made my own money) my tastes have gotten more expensive, but I still enjoy getting pricey things for thrifty prices. This year, I bought 2 beautiful leather handbags by Hayden Harnett, and some pretty beaded necklaces with matching bracelets.

Tonight, I'll go to Hooters, eat steamed shrimp and wings, and drink a couple of Big Daddy's to celebrate. Yep, that's right, celebrate, cuz we know how much I like to eat, and well I did go to the #1 party school on the east coast.

When I turned 30, I had a mini meltdown. I was getting old; I was an adult; There are no more exciting milestones, as 16, 18 and 21 were long gone. I still look like I'm 15, and I'm thankful for that more and more as I see people my age who look like they could very well be my mother.

So yes, I'm getting older, but I choose to embrace it and celebrate. After all, the alternative to getting older is getting dead, and we don't want that round here any time soon.

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Sarah Cait said...

Haha, enjoy Hooter's! I'm surprised you didn't buy yourself any shoes, however, I'm a big believer that your birthday really extends the whole week, so you've still got some time.